CABA Educational Series: Advanced Aircrew Academy

  • 01 Apr 2019
  • 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM
  • Control Tower at Centennial Airport KAPA


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In Partnership with Advanced Aircrew Academy

"What They Didn't Teach You in Ground School"

Erika Armstrong,

Director of Instructional Design

Monday, April 1, 2019

07:30 - 08:30 AM

Wright Brothers Room,

In the base of the Centennial Airport Control Tower

7800 S Peoria St, Englewood, CO  80112

Coffee and donuts will be provided!

There is no cost to attend,

but please RSVP to enable an accurate head count.

Attend a short educational session to further your business aviation acumen. Come discuss aspects of client satisfaction, how business leaders can pressure the flight department, and why empty leg flights can be just as dangerous as the main mission flights. This session will use case studies to highlight decision points for the business aviation professional.


Pilots travel through flight training accomplishing benchmark goals, hours and ratings which represent a new level of skill. Safety is preached and practiced, but what are the variables that continue to plague business aviation accidents and incident reports? It’s not something they teach you in ground school, and it isn’t listed on the NTSB report, but is a direct cause of a thought pattern that gets pilots into trouble.

The world outside aviation doesn’t realize all the nuances of being a corporate or charter pilot. The job requirements of a pilot go beyond flying a machine. Not only is it about learning complex machinery in complex airspace, it’s about pleasing clients to please employers. It often puts pilots in interpersonal situations beyond the call of duty.

This presentation covers the “CEO 15%” which attributes to runway excursions, the empty leg factor, unique passenger challenges, and why the safety of an entire flight department can be influenced by one person.

The session will use case study examples and real incidents where safety was jeopardized for passenger comfort. This presentation will arm pilots with skills to offset potentially hazardous situations unique to business aviation."

Erika Armstrong is an ATP with 6,000 total hours in various jet aircraft including the B-727, CE 500 series and more, and much of her career has been in the Part 91 and Part 135 segments. Erika is also a professor of aviation at Metropolitan State University of Denver and the author of A Chick In The Cockpit. You can read more about her experiences here

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