The CABA Foundation

The CABA Foundation was established and approved as a 501(c)(3) in September 2014. The goal of the Foundation is to provide a means through which contributions and sponsorships can be made on a pro rata tax-deductible basis.  Foundation events provide our membership with opportunities to give back to communities around Colorado.  

The Foundation presents two primary events annually: the CABA Scholarships and the CABA-VFW Holiday Charity Airlift.

CABA Foundation Scholarships provide support of aviation career development and/or advancement, helping to ensure that our industry continues to be vibrant with young people entering careers in all areas of aviation. 

The CABA-VFW Holiday Charity Airlift provides food and toys to veterans and their families with a demonstrated need during the stressful holiday season. The airlift is a collaborative effort involving CABA Foundation volunteers, the Colorado Department of VFW, the Flying Teams of Metropolitan State University of Denver, and the Veterans Association of Metro State University.

 CABA Foundation Board Members

  • Chris Leach
  • Tiffany Hiler
  • Mike Straka
  • Amber Channel

For more information about the Foundation, please email us at

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